Build Saskatchewan Green
An annual event that invites participants to embark on a journey of leadership in sustainability, lean project delivery, integrated design, innovation and existing build performance enhancement and learn from leaders in our industry.

Centre for Sustainable Communities (University of Regina)
A consortium of university faculty, staff and research communities. Building on a foundation which links social policy with environmental infrastructure, this partnership incorporates public and social policy development for the creation of competitive cities and healthy communities.

Craik Sustainable Living Project
In 2001, the Town of Craik and the Rural Municipality of Craik began working in partnership to develop a long-term plan for a sustainable community-based project. This partnership emerged from a recognition of the need for local and tangible initiatives addressing climate change and the socio-economic revitalization of this rural community. A wide range of sustainable alternatives related to land use, food and fibre production, shelter, energy generation and conservation, water and waste management, and recycling were featured in the four key initial activities of this project. These are the Eco-centre, Outreach and Education, Community Action, and the Eco-Village.

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan
A group dedicated to informing Saskatchewan residents about the nuclear issue and renewable energy alternatives in Saskatchewan.

EcoFriendly Sask
EcoFriendly Sask strives to inform, encourage, and support Saskatchewan environmental initiatives. As a small, personal undertaking, we provide an online publication as well as grants to support local environmental projects.

The Green Pages – Saskatchewan
A web-based network where Saskatchewan and Canadian organizations and community groups can share information and maintain valuable connections with like-minded people. The Green Pages is an interactive resource, highlighting the latest environmental news, events and stories from across Canada in one place.

GreenRoots Sustainable Living
A non-profit organization based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, their main objective is to contribute to the adaptive development of communities facing global changes. The Green term refers to the capacity of communities to reach sustainable levels by which surrounding resources are better utilized without contaminating the environment. Knowledge in the communities, which is based on their ancestral cultures and the ancestral knowledge represents the Roots. GreenRoots works with the Roots of each managed community in concert with its people, thereby generating a positive impact on the communities’ surroundings.

Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Communities (IEESC)
IEESC of the University of Regina is a research and demonstration institute that will integrate the existing energy, environment and sustainability research expertise and undertake thematic research to address the impacts and challenges of climate change. The Institute will also focus on sustainable communities, participate in the President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability and provide support to campus sustainability initiatives.

Nature Saskatchewan
Nature Saskatchewan is a non-profit charitable organization that engages and inspires people to appreciate, learn about and protect Saskatchewan’s natural environment.

Permaculture Regina
A Regina-based organization that specializes in a systems design approach to sustainable human habitat and a focus on interconnected elements: low energy buildings, water management, waste re-use, renewable energy & food production systems.

Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan
Permaculture Saskatchewan’s mission is to educate people about and develop permaculture practices and principles in Saskatchewan, with the goal of enriching human well-being and ecological health. Three core tenets, known as the permaculture ethic, guide the activities of Permaculture Saskatchewan: Earth Care; People Care; and Share the surplus.

Regina ‘YES’ Network
YES stands for Youth Engagement for Sustainability. The YES Network is an initiative from The Co-operators and the International Centre for Sustainable Cities that aims to engage youth to become active contributors to making their homes, schools and communities, better and more sustainable places to live, work and play.

RCE Saskatchewan
The Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (RCE) seeks to transform education for sustainability in the prairie region.

Regina Car Share Co-operative
The Regina Car Share Co-operative provides a convenient and affordable alternative to owning a car. Carsharing gives you access to vehicles when you need them, without the responsibilities that ownership can bring.

Root & Branch
Offers a range of services to help you source, grow, preserve, prepare, and share more of your own sustainably produced food. Rooted in a commitment to food security, sovereignty and justice for all, we work with individuals, organizations and communities to improve the quality and sustainability of our shared food supply.

Saskatchewan Community Wind
Sask Wind is committed to ensuring that Saskatchewan communities derive maximum economic benefit from our province’s world-class wind resource.This is best achieved through the broad uptake of community owned, widely distributed wind farm power projects.

Saskatchewan Eco Network (SEN)
SEN was incorporated in 1993 as a non-profit organization in Saskatchewan. SEN’s website serves members and the general public looking for information about Saskatchewan issues and ways to get involved.

Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association (SEIMA)
SEIMA is the voice of the Environmental Industry in Saskatchewan. They provide networking, communication and educational opportunities to our members, and their goal is to foster the growth of Saskatchewan’s environmental sector through promotion and support of their members and operations.

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate
The Saskatchewan Organic Directorate is a non-profit, membership-based, umbrella organization that unites the province’s producers, processors, buyers, traders, certifiers and consumers of certified organic food and fibre.

Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA)
SOEEA encourages educators and people who participate in outdoor recreation to practice and teach environmental responsibility.

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC)
As an advocate for community and environment, SWRC is a leader in addressing the underlying causes of waste by identifying opportunities, creating connections and promoting solutions. Their vision is a waste-free Saskatchewan.

Wild About Saskatoon
Wild About Saskatoon is an informal collective dedicated to the conservation and enrichment ofwild lives and wild places in and around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a middle-sized city on the banks of an ancient river.

Wild Spirit Prairie Sanctuary
Wild Spirit Prairie Sanctuary is an affordable, environmentally conscious, spiritually diverse retreat centre in the prairies. Wild Spirit is located near the town of Earl Grey on 45 acres of wild prairie and is home to a handful of curious sheep, llamas and horses as it is also a working farm.


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