Design Regina
Regina is creating a new official community plan. This long-range plan maps out how Regina will grow physically, provide services, manage impacts to the environment, and enhance social and cultural development.

Green Drinks
Once a month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. Usually located at Abstractions Cafe on Rose Street.

Greener Regina
The City of Regina has expanded their waste plan for a greener Regina. Help our city divert even more household waste from the landfill. Bring the material that shouldn’t go in your garbage or recycling cart to one of the new leaf and yard depots.

City of Regina Core Neighbourhood Sustainability Action Plan
The Core neighbourhood was identified as a community in critical need of a plan that would help to ensure its immediate and long-term sustainability.

Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Regina
Several individuals, groups, and initiatives are acting to raise the discussion and action surrounding sustainability on campus. This website showcases the sustainability efforts made by students, faculty and staff, in academics, research, and physical operations at the U of R campus.

University of Saskatchewan – Sustainability Around Campus and Best Practices
People from throughout the University of Saskatchewan are starting to take sustainability to heart. This is an overview of some of the projects and initiatives – some big, some small – that are happening across the U of S Campus.

Retire Your Ride
The best end-of-life vehicle purchase program for both the environment and your wallet.


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