Craik Sustainable Living Project

Approx. 1 km north east of Craik, SK

Things To Do
Visit the Craik Eco-Centre, Solar Garden Restaurant and District Golf Club

The Environment

  • The Eco-Centre is constructed with approx. 1,500 straw bales (providing an insulation value of R-40)
  • Much of the timber used was recycled from an old grain elevator;
  • It makes use of passive solar heating/cooling and features composting toilets;
  • Fresh air is supplied by an earth tube system – air is drawn underground through five buried tubes and is cooled/heated prior to being distributed throughout the building;
  • Rain water and surface water from Arm Lake are treated in-house by a biological water treatment system;
  • Waste water from the dishwasher and sinks is processed through a “grey water polishing system”;
  • Fresh, locally grown products such as beef, bison and vegetables are used in the restaurant as much as possible;
  • The masonry oven is made from approx. 3000 recycled bricks from a demolished Craik school, which provide a significant amount of thermal mass.


Eco Adventures

Cypress Hills and Elki Ridge, SK

Things To Do
Zip Line Canopy Tour, Treetop Adventure Park, Treetop Drop, Climbing Wall, Slack Lines, Mini Zip Line for Kids

The Environment

  • Trail systems are designed to take drainage and erosion into consideration;
  • Make use of existing park trails whenever possible and clearly identify trails and viewing areas;
  • Yurt buildings are designed to be easy on the eyes and blend in with the surroundings;
  • The only permanent infrastructure components are the poles on the zip line canopy tour and their septic tank – everything else is completely removable;
  • They participate One Percent for the Planet and donate 1% of their annual sales to non-profit environmental organizations based in Saskatchewan;
  • They are bullforgpowered® with 100% green electricity;
  • All staff members living within the Cypress Hills Core Area for the summer are required to walk or bike from their accommodations in the staff campground to work each day; and
  • Recycle bins are carefully and generously placed around the property.


Regina Floral Conservatory

1450B Fourth Avenue, Regina

Things To Do
Walking, photography, private event rentals, school group tours, Tea at the Conservatory, Lil’ Sprouts Family Day, Lil’ Gardeners Club

The Environment

  • The Regina Garden Associates (RGA) was formed as a non-profit organization in 1991 with the goal of supporting the establishment and development of horticultural projects within the City of Regina;
  • Fundraising activities include teas, tree banding kits, plant sales, “Grow and Show” contests, gardening classes, seed packaging and sales, and facility rental and promotion;
  • Over the last two decades, the RGA has focused on working with students, teachers and parents from Regina and area schools to foster awareness of gardening, horticulture and the environment.


Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve

Near Hafford, SK

Things To Do
Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, berry picking, visiting the Crooked Bush

The Environment

  • The Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve (RLBR) is one of 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Canada – and the only one in Saskatchewan;
  • The core area is home to the Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which is an important site for conservation.
    • Water birds use the lake as breeding grounds, migrating shorebirds and waterfowls have their staging point here. The lake provides habitat for a total of nine endangered or threatened species as well as over 180 other species.
  • Explores and encourages sustainable resource use through research, education and community-based planning;
  • Contains a Research and Education Centre that features displays on local history and information about Redberry and other biosphere reserves around the world.

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