Waalnut Construction
Regina’s first construction company dedicated to building non-toxic, Earth-conscious structures.

Oko Haus
Established in 2004, Oko Haus provides architectural design and project management services.

Regina Geothermal and Solar Inc.
A renewable energy company focusing on installations for residential and commercial applications.

Sound Solar Systems
Sound Solar Systems Inc. was incorporated 2010 with a vision to bring reliable, quality and integrity solar solutions for residents of Saskatchewan.

Suncatcher Solar
Suncatcher Solar is a solar design company dedicated to providing quality passive solar home designs and solar energy and heating systems that are efficient and affordable.

Evergreen Energy Solutions
Evergreen Energy Solutions is a Regina-based distributor and installer of geothermal, solar-thermal, photovoltaic and wind products. Evergreen is committed to providing homes and businesses with energy solutions which are both environmentally and economically beneficial. Evergreen Energy Solutions offices are located in downtown Regina, at the heart of the Canadian prairies.


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