Vermicomposting Coming to Regina Schools

When I was in elementary school I remember learning about the basic principles of biodegradability, soil science, resource conservation, and recycling, as well as how nature recycles via the life cycle: life, death, decay, and re-birth. At some point all lesson plans teach this in the classroom. Therefore, integrating a compost bin into lessons is a great hands on way to teach children not only about life cycles, but also about waste, recycling and landfills. It will also teach children how they can make a smaller footprint on our Earth… and then they may even bring this knowledge home and teach their parents how easy it is to compost. How wonderful does that sound?!

Green Guerrilla and PV Disposal have partnered to bring vermicompost worm bins to Regina schools. On Friday, October 25th Karen (PV Disposal) and I went to Mrs. Ewert-Molesky’s grade three class at Grant Road School in Regina’s south end to teach the students (and the teacher) how to compost their lunch waste. Their class will be spending the year composting all of their organic waste and in the spring they are going to use the compost to plant a garden. I can’t image a better way to teach children about waste and life cycles. She is one amazing teacher!

Karen and I had a lot of fun showing the kids how to use the vermicompost bin… and they LOVED the worms! Some found the worms gross, but most of them yelled out “Cool! Can I hold one” and couldn’t believe they were going to have pet worms in their classroom all year. The afternoon was a great experience for Karen and I. We are hoping that this program will show students how to recycle their organic waste and why it is so important to keep in the soil and out of the landfill. Many of the acceptable items that can be added to a compost bin are peelings from fruits and vegetables – banana peels, apple cores, carrot ends – so we are also hoping that this program will encourage healthy eating.

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So, if you would like to get a vermicompost bin for your classroom or know someone who would be interested, please contact us! We will provide everything you need to start composting including a vermicompost bin with bedding materials and worms, a container to collect lunch food scraps, a garden spade to dig around in your bin, a presentation and full instructions for the teacher and students, educational composting colouring books, and follow up in case you need help with you bin. What is even better is that all of this comes as no cost to the teacher. Our classroom program is completely funded through PV Disposal. If you want to add this to your curriculum please contact us and we can  get everything set up for you :)

Brie Bennett
(306) 520-2038

Karen Allan
(306) 522-7770


Brie Bennett
Green Guerrilla Sustainability


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