The Recycled Orchestra

A musical youth group from the community of Cateura (a slum built on a landfill), near Asuncion, Paraguay is coming to Saskatchewan and you’ll never guess what kind of instruments they play. They perform on instruments made of solid waste from the landfill in Cateura! The young musicians and their family members made the instruments themselves. Their motto is “The world sends us their garbage, we give them back music.” Beautiful!

Nineteen year old Juan Manuel Chavez plays a cello that he made from an oil can, an old tool used to tenderize beef and something that was once used to make gnocchi. You can watch him play on the video below… he is incredible.

They started a KickStarter campaign to raise money to create the short film Landfill Harmonic (see video below), start the Landfill Harmonic Social Movement and go on the Recycled Orchestra World Tour. You can find out more about the campaign on their KickStarter webpage. They also have a Facebook page here.

The Recycled Orchestra is coming to Rosthern, SK on May 6, 2014. They will be hosted by the Rosthern Junior College (RJC) and Eigenheim Mennonite Church. For more information on the event, contact Ryan Wood at Rosthern Junior College at 306-232-4222 or

Please check out the video below. For more information on this film, visit





Brie Bennett
Green Guerrilla Sustainability



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