Green Gift Ideas

I hope you’re ready for the holidays this year! I don’t know about the rest of you, but II haven’t even started my Christmas shopping. So, if you’re like me and haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, let me help you out a bit.

Need some eco-friendly gift ideas? See the list below. The best part of these gifts… less STUFF! We all have a lot of stuff. The ideas below are gifts that ensure we won’t be buying that last minute gift that ends up in the recipient’s Value Village donation box.

Last Minute Green Gift Ideas:

1. The gift of adventure!

Book a trip with The Great Excursions Company, a Canadian tourism company that offers individual and group trips all over the country. They have almost 60 different excursions that one can take right here in Saskatchewan! They have everything from a two hour $25 excursion called The Anatomy of a Boomtown/Railway Town to a seven day $3,995 Sand Dunes Tour throughout the northwestern corner of Saskatchewan. It’s a great way to spend time with someone you love!


2. Courses, classes and programs!

Register yourself and a friend in one of Regina’s courses, classes or programs. There is everything from aquatics, fine arts, fitness, health & wellness, and sports. Sign up and take a yoga class together, or take a photography course and learn how to use that fancy camera you got for Christmas last year ;) Check out Programs – City of Regina and search for programs that interest you and your friend. You can even sign up online!


3. Gift certificates to…

Their favorite restaurant, or better yet, a green restaurant like The Green Spot Cafe in Regina

A local spa for a relaxing massage or pedicure

Their favorite retail store, or better yet, a green store like Seed Sustainable Style or Ten Thousand Villages in Regina


4. Cooking & baking!

Everytime you make a meal save a portion of it in a container and freeze it. Stock up until you have five or more and give it to someone who… is a broke student… likes home-cooked meals but hates cooking… or likes to take lunches to work. You could also make larger portions and give it to a busy parent. They’ll only have to pop it in the over and BAM… dinner is ready.

Bake your friend’s favorite treat… like cookies or something that is easy to freeze and eat for a long time.


5. Make a donation!

Make a donation and conserve our environment with The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Donate and adopt an endangered species from the World Wildlife Fund

Buy farm animals, sport equipment, tools, education, seeds and more from Oxfam Unwrapped and they’ll donate them to people living in poverty all over the world. So go ahead and guy someone a goat for Christmas this year… I know I’d want a goat ;)


6. Coupons for your time!

This could be for shoveling the driveway, cleaning your house, babysitting, etc.

I hope I helped someone find some last minute gift ideas. If you have an idea that I didn’t mention here, please comment below. Maybe you’re idea will be the perfect idea for another last minute shopper.

Thanks for reading! Have a great holiday season!!


Brie Bennett
Green Guerrilla Sustainability


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